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Have you ever seen those personal trainers on reality TV shows screaming in peoples faces? Those personal trainers that think it’s good to make you sick? That is not the way we work at the boost fitness personal training studio!

Our private personal training studio has been operating in Seaford Meadows since 2011. During this time we have invested in commercial-grade fitness equipment.  We also continue to expand our knowledge, to give you the best services we can offer. Since opening our prices have remained at $30 per session making us two of the most experienced personal trainers in the area for the price we charge. Enquire today for availability.

pt studio
personal training studio


Think you don’t need a Personal Trainer?

Many people believe that they are committed to working out. That they lead an active and healthy life and have no need for a personal trainer.

Maybe you already have a gym membership and attend regularly? You don’t need to lose weight and are confident at the gym? But are you getting the most from your workouts and completing the exercises correctly?

At our personal training studio, you will make the most of your time with efficient workouts geared towards your personal goals. More importantly, we are there to ensure you do the exercises correctly, preventing poor form that could lead to injuries.

We offer you a choice of a male or female personal trainer to assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals. A good personal trainer should build up your confidence in your ability. Assist you so you continue to hit your goals. Ensure you look forward to your workout – not fear it…

Please note: minimum age for PT is 18 years.


Our personal training studio equipment is commercial grade to the same standard you would find in a larger gym, ensuring you safe and effective workouts.

Our equipment includes cardio equipment such as air bike, rower and treadmill, weights in the form of cable machines and free weights, suspension trainers (TRX and Human Trainer) boxing gloves and pads and a full array of ‘toys’ for functional training such as medballs, sandbags, slam balls, kettlebells and much more!

Whatever your style of training, we have you covered.

pt studio boost fitness
personal training studio


Strength & Conditioning – Gain muscle and strength through our personal training services specific to your goals. Gain confidence with supervised weight training to tone your body.

Fitness & Cardio – Improve your cardio fitness in personal training where we can monitor your results through regular fitness tests and one on one boxing sessions.

Health & Nutrition – We provide nutritional advice to help you make the change to healthier habits. No fad diets copied from google or expensive supplements and we don’t pretend to be nutritional experts but will refer you to one if needed.